Hi Everybody,
Well it is our last night in Venice as I type this. We have had a wonderful day again, as have they all been, both here in Venice and in Bellagio, and indeed in every town we have visited in both Italy and Switzerland.

It is somewhat sad to leave but on the other hand we have done a great deal in our 3 weeks and are looking forward to getting home to our babies, Darell & Lea, (oh and those other kids, what’s his name and thing a me bob)

Tomorrow we are faced with a combination of water taxis, trains, and air planes, to get us home which all adds up to about 30 hrs of travel time.

However we still have a few more blogs we would like to write. Mainly to remind us of the adventures we have had and to look back and reflect on this awesome trip.

So stay tuned if you are interested, we will advise of updates via facebook.

addio per ora!