Keep checking back for some general comments on our trip and experiences in Bellagio and it’s surrounds.
Food = awesome
Pizzas are huge, don’t order one just for yourself. Done this already and was very full. Where we overload ours with 6-7 ingredients the ones here have about 3. Compared to ours they are quite basic but very flavoursome.

From Food_Wine_Beer

The weather is not as cold as we expected. I mean sure it is cold, but some layers and thermals and you are fine.

The region is simply beautiful. The views all around are stunning. We would recommend a visit here to anyone. You can come during ‘season’ if you don’t like the quiet, or do like we have and do off season. Very peaceful.

The only drawback is that there are limited shops, cafe’s, ristorente’s open. But you can cope.

Opening hours are unique. Because it is off season there is a blend of hours. The usual is open in the morning, anywhere from 8/10AM to 12, close for siesta, open again from around 3PM to 7-8. However we have found that the signs and stated hours don’t always match reality. But there are a mix of deli’s and mini supermarkets so you can buy enough to make something at home. It’s easy to adapt.

More to come as we think of it.