We will soon be embarking on our first train journey. We are going from Varenna, Italy (across the lake) to St Moritz in Switzerland. The journey involves a bit of organising as we need to coordinate a ferry and 2 trains. The itinerary is –
Ferry: Bellagio – Veranna
Train: Veranna – Tirano (Italy)
Change trains – Tirano – St Moritz
Then we are overnighting in St Moritz here Bernina Hotel, St Moritz and then the return journey.

The main purpose of this is to experience the Bernina Express
From their site

Bernina Express – From glaciers to palms
Experience one of the most spectacular ways to cross the Alps: The Albula and Bernina lines of the Rhaetian Railway. This winding mountain railway connects northern and southern Europe without the use of any toothed-wheel mechanism. A particular high-point of the ride is the panoramic view from the Bernina Express, as it passes mighty glaciers on its descent to a land of swaying palms.

The train makes short work of the 55 Tunnels, 196 bridges and slopes of up to 70 millimetres per metre of incline that are found along its route. The physical high-point of the RhB is Ospizio Bernina, at 2,253 metres above sea level. Since summer 2008, the section between Thusis and Tirano has been classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. A milestone in our history.

Map of the whole journey

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So stay tuned for our update on this adventure!