Thursday 23/2/2012 – Menaggio
We woke up early today and strolled down to the Piazza for some breakfast. At one of our now ‘regulars’ we were greeted by the staff and were offered some omelettes of ham and cheese which we gratefully accepted. We also started with some juice and our usual cappucinos. The orange juice here is superb, it appears to be blood orange and is very tasty. After breakfast we made our way to the ferry and headed over to Menaggio which is directly across the lake from Bellagio and is another beautiful little town. It is quite cold and overcast this morning.

The ferry ride is leisurely as usual. Apart from the hydrofoil which is quite fast the regular car ferries across the lake are very sedate. It was still relatively early when we arrived so the shops where not all open yet but we made our way from the ferry terminal up towards the city centre to the Piazza Garibaldi which is the centre of town. Along the way we were about to venture into a clothes shop when we were suddenly confronted at the door by the owner with his hand up in the universal sign of STOP! “What is going on?” we thought. Had we done something wrong? No not us. There was a small poodle like dog in the shop with another shopper and it had shit on the entry mat!! We should side track a bit here and let you know about the dogs. They seem to be a very popular pet and are allowed in all areas, transport, shops, and even restaurants. We are still a bit surprised when we walk into somewhere for a meal and there are people at tables with their dogs sitting on the floors beside them.

So after our visit to what is now to us “Dog Shit Shop” we made our way along the streets to the Piazza. It is surrounded by a number of eateries and general shops and an information office. We head on into the information office to find out how we would get to Lugano the next day and after establishing it is a simple bus journey of an hour we then head into one of the ristorente for another morning cappucino while we survey the various pamphlets and plan our day. In reality for today there is not much planning involved, it was mainly for the next day when we needed to coordinate the trip to Lugano with ferry/bus and returns. Today is just a matter of wandering the streets and discovering whatever we can as we go. Pretty much our standard operating procedure every day.

Once again the streets and Salita of Menaggio are beautiful. We begin our walk along the lake front where there is a board walk style area to stroll along. We made our way along the waterfront on a circular route which will lead us back to the ferry terminal.

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Along the way once again we take a lot of pictures and video, you can see them all here Menaggio & Lugano

We’ll be back later to give you more info on Menaggio and our Lugano trip. But we’ve just had this lunch with beer and wine and are in need of our afternoon ‘nana nap’. Ciao for now!!

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