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By line – Alison Ferguson

Shane has let me have a go at this “blogging” for a change!

Off to a very early start this morning – 4:00am to be precise! We could hear the local “street sweeper” down in the square below our apartment, and on peering out the window saw about 6 men armed with brooms madly sweeping the cobblestones. Maybe our body clocks are still adjusting, but it was lovely to get up early and see the lights from the small towns across the lake, then the snow capped mountains appearing in the early morning light. (Not that I intend making a habit of these early morning starts!) I actually made breakfast this morning … some yummy crusty panini from our local bakery with beautiful local ham and cheese toasted under the grill, then we grabbed a takeaway coffee from our local Sports Bar (which we had previously thought to be the Sports Club! A quaint combination of patisserie, bar and gelateria with a couple of poker machines thrown in for good measure!).

We were on the hydrofoil to Como at 8:15am … just about a world record for me!! The “rapido” (a hydrofoil) ferry ride from Bellagio to Como takes about 50 minutes and was a lovely way to see all the small villages and towns along the lake … we saw what we think to be George Clooney’s villa, but I expect we’ll get to see it up close and personal when George invites us over for dinner!!

It was a fairly bleak and chilly day in Como, but we wandered around the streets, stopping for a coffee in a lovely modern cafe. At one point we were accosted by a lady prattling away in Italian … we explained we were Australian with very little to no Italian, but it didn’t deter her one bit!! All I could make out was something about a “baby lion” – trust me to get a nutter on the second day!

Como is fabulous – it was previously a Roman fortress, and has beautifully paved stone roadways, lovely architecture and a beautiful big Duomo (cathedral).

From Como

Our main mission was to get Shane a pocket wi-fi, and thanks to some good directions from our friends here in Bellagio and a lady in a Vodafone shop in Como we managed to locate the TIM (local Telstra equivalent)shop quite easily. The gentleman in the TIM shop was tremendously helpful – despite having no English. We stumbled through with my extremely limited Italian and the use of Google Translate! Ferg’s happy now we have our own wi-fi and can use it for planning the rest of our adventures and updating this blog. Como also has lots of shops with gorgeous designer clothes, shoes and handbags – at very reasonable prices – most of which weren’t open (luckily for Shane!). Despite the cold weather we indulged in some gelati which was divine, and had lunch in a random little cafe – 4 cheese gnocchi for me and lemon veal bianco for Shane – yummo! We didn’t manage to get me a coat, but think we might go back another day if need be.

From Como

We caught the 1:30pm rapido ferry back to Bellagio, and returned home to our little apartment very tired after a very full morning of walking. We had a lovely big siesta, and as just about everything is closed on a Monday afternoon and evening, we settled on a toasted ham & cheese sandwich from our new mates at the Sports Bar. Shane popped down to get it (saving my legs from another 50 stairs) and said the bar was occupied by a group of old men playing cards … I guess you could call that a sport!! After dinner I snored happily on the couch while Ferg watched a movie … all in all, another wonderful day in a beautiful part of the world!!

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