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Woke up this morning after a fantastic sleep.

The church bells kick off at 7AM and continue all day on the half hour. We decided we would visit our ‘local’ which is called the ‘Bellagio Sports Club’ and is across the lane from our apartment. We have a bit of a laugh at the name because it just looks like a cafe but I noticed a couple of machines that sort of resemble pokies and there are some stairs that appear to lead up to another area, maybe that’s the ‘Sports Club’ bit, we will find out before we go. But for this morning we are interested in breakfast. It appears I may have to forgo my favourite, bacon, as breakfast around here seems to purely be continental. Go figure! That’s ok I will survive (Simon/Lucy – please ensure Bellmere butcher bacon is on hand when i return, thanks). Although I have seen a place that does an omelette so that is on the agenda. However the ‘Sports Club’ proved to be a delight. We indulged in some pastries, a ham and some sort of sausage meat (sort of like a sausage roll) baked into a mini croissant followed by a couple of sweet brioche with marmalade, also baked inside. All of this was washed down with 2 very excellent cappucinos.

We had read in a local guide that there was an internet cafe near by where we could use their wi-fi. I needed this to upload these latest posts (which is why they are late) so after breakfast we decided a stroll around the town was in order to find this and headed off down the road. After heading down a street we found it ended at the Lake and it wasn’t going to bring us back around to the where we needed to be. No problem it was a nice stroll, so we turned around and headed back towards the town and found ourselves back at Piazza Mazzini where we had another leisurley ‘cafe’ overlooking a very misty lake and then wandered into the jewelery shop owned by our hosts. Here we asked a few questions about getting to Como. We had decided that we would go to Como on Monday to buy Ali a jacket and take a look around. Unknown to us the Italians have some different operating hours to ours. Most shops open in the mornings, then close for a few hours, and reopen around 3PM till late. This apparently includes major stores. And then on Sundays there are a lot open for these times, but they close Mondays. Then there are some that are open Monday but closed Tuesdays. It’s a bit confusing but once you get to know what is open and shut you can work around it. We got the information we needed and decided we will get up early tomorrow, Monday, and catch the hydrofoil to Como and explore the sites in the morning then shop in the afternoon. So with this plan in mind we headed for lunch. Another of the many ristorante’s on the Piazza Mazzini provided us with a beautfiul lunch to which we accompanied some more bierre and vino. Oh and you remember that internet cafe we started looking for after breakfast? Yeah well we hadn’t got there yet, 4 hours later. That’s the beauty of this place, it is a maze of these ‘Salita’s’ with little shops in every nook and we got a bit side tracked. But we did eventually find it, closed till March! You see we are in off season here so that’s another quirk as some of the shops, cafe’s, and ristorente’s close till March. But that is ok there is plenty open still and a further walk up another ‘Salita’ has uncovered some more awesome shops for us to indulge in.

As day 2 closes we have walked a few km’s and bought some take away drinks and basic foods and come home for a nap. We have found a pizzeria that is open this evening so are going to have a local pizza tonight for dinner. The weather is cold but not freezing. It is a nice comfortable cold that is easily managed with some layers. We are having an awesome time!