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After our epic flights we landed in Milan. Thankfully our baggage also arrived which was one of our concerns because of our late check in. But all was good. So with luggage collected we made or way out and the next bonus was our driver was waiting. It’s all these little things you worry about, and when it all works out there is a sense of relief.

We made our way to the car with our driver, Ishmael (we think?) and he proceeded to drive at about 250 kph while talking on his mobile taking us to Bellagio. We took a beautiful scenic route along the edges of Lake Como through some of the narrowest roads we have ever seen. Even though we were very tired the combination of the roads, the scenery, and the crazy driving, kept us awake.

And then we were there! We noticed ahead the scene. It was the same as the image in this blogs header and the excitement level increased. We drove around a bit of a circuit, that apparently constitutes the main street, to bring us to the Piazza Mazzini which was where our hosts have a jewellery & optical shop and where we had to ‘check in’. While Alison completed the paperwork I took the opportunity to take a couple of snaps Bellagio arrival
Piazza Mazzini

Our hosts, the owners of the apartment, are extrememly nice. They transferred our luggage from our airport car into their sons and he drove us to the apartment and carried both our main bags up the 6 flights of steps. That’s 50 actual steps, we’ve counted them. He then took his time to talk us through all the local facilities and they had printed off lists of ferry times, local ristorante’s including opening times and even recommendations on which ones where good. They even offered to drive us to local shops if we had a lot of shopping to do. Very nice people.

We took some time admiring our views and after a minor attempt at unpacking decided we would be better served by heading down to the Piazza and indulging in some local fair. So off we went for a stroll and found ourselves in prime position for the final parade of a local festivale. With a vino and bierre in hand we settled in to watch as a parade of random costumed characters made it’s way along the waterfront. There didn’t seem to be any real theme except to dress up. There were characters as diverse as Avatar, Leggo men & kids, Pinnochio, and even some random cowboys. Maybe they were doing a Clint Eastwood from his famous ‘spahgetti western’ days. But it was fun, every one was having a good time, as were we, and it was great to experience something local. The beer and wine helped! festivale pics here

After the parade we decided a ‘cafe crawl’ along the Piazza was in order so we slowly made our way down the Piazza and had a couple more drinks. By this time it was getting chilly, it was about 6PM and we were slowly fading so we decided we should get an early dinner and try and stay up for a littel while longer to beat off jet lag. We walked up one of the many ‘Salita’ which are the little lanes that permeate this place and found a restaurant that looked good. It was called ‘Princess Bellagio’. But let us digress here with some explantion of the layout and the ‘Salita’. Bellagio is on Lake Como’s edge and the whole township rises rather steeply from the waterfront (where the Piazza Mazzini is) up. Our apartment is on the ‘up’ side so while it is an easy walk down, coming home is another matter. But we’ll get used to it, after all it will help us walk off all the excellent food and wine we will consume. Now back to the ‘Princess’. A very nice ristorente with a movie star theme.
us at Princess Bellagio
Some pre dinner drinks followed by entree, mains, and shared a desert, and it was all excellent. A bottle of red was the finishing touch. As in it finished us off. By this time tiredness was starting to overwhelm us, I was certainly well gone, I think Alison was coping better than me but we were both exhausted. Out into the cold and a staggering walk home was followed by a giggling attempt to use the keys in a darkened door alcove. But we made it, and after a warm shower we snuggled under the quilt in a very comfy bed and were soon asleep.