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And boy what an adventurous start it was!

So after a leisurely drive to Brisbane Airport we embarked on a couple of beers and champagnes as we waited for our Sydney flight. So far so good.

Then we hear that the flight has been delayed for a 1/2 hour, not too much of a problem we thought, we can fit in another drink each! Then came the announcement that it was back another 1/2 hr. Uh oh! Now we are starting to worry, (well Alison is I am thinking sweet, I can get another beer) but this is seriously starting to cut into our check in time at Sydney International.

The flight finally boarded and we were just over an hour behind, then we had to queue for Brisbane ‘peak hour’ on the tarmac. By this time Ali has had 3 mild strokes and 2 panic attacks. (And Shane was just wanting anther beer!). Then at last we are on our way.

Landed in Sydney and still had to transfer to the International and check in. Virgin had told us to go to gate 37 where there is a bus to take us over (oh by the way we weren’t the only international travellers so there was a bit of angst among a few others also). We got off and headed for Gate 37, it’s closed! Nice Virgin lady tells us it closes at night and we have to head out the front near the taxi rank to catch the transfer bus. Quick march we go, should have had our pedometers we would have clocked up some steps so far.

Out the front the transfer bus timetable tells us that it’s not even due for another 15 mins, we are already way behind schedule so Alison decides to go inside to the Virgin desk and seek assistance. I must say they were pretty good. They arranged a taxi voucher for us, took us to the front of the queue, and rang the Etihad check in desk to let them know that we were on our way.

And finally we made it, there were a couple of lovely Etihad ladies waiting for us at a deserted counter, we were the last to check in. They gave us “express” passes for immigration and we rapidly made our way to the gate.

And here we are, 15 hours later after a very nice flight, (I highly recommend Etihad, this is our second time with them and they are great), nice food, good service, plenty of leg room, great in flight entertainment, and lucky for us on this flight there was plenty of spare seats so we managed to be able to take turns having a snooze fully stretched across the 4 centre row seats.

Now we sit at the awesome Abu Dhabi Airport awaiting the next leg. Another 7 hours but with Etihad again at least. Then an hours limo drive to Bellagio and we will begin the Italian adventure.

Stay tuned!!