The time in Bellagio is

Hi Everyone,

Alison and Shane here on our belated adventure to Italy, namely an Apartment in Bellagio for 15 nights followed by 4 nights in Venice on our return.

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We were going to do this trip a few years ago but due to unforeseen circumstances had to postpone it. But now it’s on!!

So what we are doing is a trip of leisure, wine, food, snow, snuggled up each night in a quaint apartment in the middle of Bellagio. From this, our ‘base camp’ we will venture out into the wilds of Middle Europe or take leisurely strolls down to the cafes in town for some fine Italian food, coffee, and wine.

So who knows where we will be each day, you see we aren’t the ‘guided tour’ types of rush here rush there to catch buses and trains and ferries and planes. No. We prefer to take our time and explore at our own pace. So maybe we’ll wake up one morning and decide to go to Switzerland. Or maybe over to Croatia or into Germany. who knows!

That’s the fun of it all!!

What ever we do we’ll do our best to keep you informed either here or on the many other platforms that allow everyone to bring their adventures to the world in an instant.

Speriamo di mostrarvi alcune foto meravigliose e testo che vi permetterà in qualche modo, piccolo per vivere questo viaggio con noi

Si prega di godere il nostro blog

Alison & Shane

(If you don’t speak Italian, copy/paste that last bit here for a translation)